Thursday, December 3, 2015

Matty is 2 month-old!

Our dearest son is 2 month old!! Looking at his height he doesn't look new born anymore. He is wearing clothes range from 3 month to 9 month! 

Started drooling
Making saliva bubbles
Getting choke on saliva after playing with it
Nom nom his hands or anything near his mouth
Always looking out for mummy
Getting distracted during feeding
Giving rare smiles and rarer laugh ( he is one serious boy!)
Saying "ah goo" and "wooo" and other cooing sounds
Loves looking at the crib mobile
Talking to himself in the mirror
Hates tummy time and refused to lift himself up now

Starting to bring him out, only to places with nice nursing rooms because I still don't dare to feed in public. His grandmummy bought him a blue sweater at Changi Airport. Handsome?

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