Wednesday, January 6, 2016

3 months of breastfeeding

Just about three months ago, I told myself just fully bf baby for 3 months, then start him on formula.

Why I said that?

Because I thought my supply was low. Right from the beginning I direct latch Matty since birth. It started out right at the beginning.The nurse squeeze my breast after giving birth and I saw the wonderful yellow liquid! The brought baby Matty to me and he latched immediately (correct latch too).

He suckle for a damn long time from first night. Whenever he cries I nurse till I am too tired and the nurse will bring him away.  Maybe because I had to take painkiller for my episiotomy, I didn't feel pain from breastfeeding. Second day, my nipples were sore and I was still CONSTANTLY latching baby, even at home.

When he was 3-weeks-old, I was crying almost every. My nipples hurt damn bad. I had milk blisters. My breasts feel soft all the time and I thought Matty wasn't having enough because he was always yelling for my boobs. I ignored his cry, I yelled at my mum and husband to make formula milk all the time. I was badly sleep deprived (probably now too).

My mum is from a generation where formula milk was promoted to be better than breastfeeding. She has very little knowledge on it. Despite her own initial belief that formula milk is the same or maybe better, she supported me in my bf journey. She listened to my explanations and followed my instructions on how to handle breastmilk. She even read up on confinement recipe for breastfeeding mothers before Matty was born. Whenever I want to give up she just told me to go on a bit more since I almost reached a month. My hubby was supportive too and refused to give fm even when I begged him to do so. He waited till I calm down a little and brought the poor crying baby to me and I remember him saying "Matty says 'sorry', he promised to be a good boy and be nice to mummy when he grows up."

My hubby's two grandmas came and when they heard I am breastfeeding they said 人奶很好!

towards the end of October, this was my night output (both breasts combined). I took this picture because this was the first time I can actually see milk in the bottle. Usually just a few drops.

This was my first bag which I put in the freezer. Was so damn happy I took picture of it :)

I still felt I am a low-supply mummy because others are pumping at least 100ml per session. Some can go up to 400ml per session. However, it is not low-supply. I am providing just enough for my baby because I direct-latch him. I did not pump to stimulate more milk but only pump once a day after his last feed at night. Pumping amount is NOT the actual amount you are producing.

Few days ago I pump because we were trying to bottle feed baby. Each pump session about 10-15mins. Still not that impressive 400ml some mummies produced. However, I do not have frequent engorged problems.

After 1 month, I was one of the lucky mummies to have a breastmilk keepsake handmade by Ryo, just need to pay for the materials and courier fee. I also order a customised locket from her.
I received the parcel yesterday with two fabulous boxes.

This is the first keepsake Ryo "experimented" on. Lovely milk swirl charm and jade with gold flakes charm tinted with my breastmilk.

A brushed locket with Matty's name, and the cross to show the faith I put in God to provide the best for my son. It is difficult to tell if Matty is having enough by just direct latching, so I prayed about it.

Here's Matty, growing strong and healthy!

If you want to find out more about the milk charm bracelet and locket, go to

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