Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Matthias - gift from God

IIt has been almost 2 months since I gave birth but did not have the time to update in my blog. 

I had a smooth and painless labour (I had epidural at 2cm) on 7th Oct. Baby's head was big but he managed to get out somehow. I just let the Nurses and Doctors do what they need to do and follow instructions. I did not prepare myself much for labour. I took two naps. Was woken up the second time to know that I can start pushing as I was 10cm dilated! Even when I was pushing I could not feel anything but somehow I managed to use the correct muscle to push.

My gynae is Dr Tan YG from Raffles Hospital. I didn't suffer any pain from the episiotomy, his stitching skill is really good. I am very whiny and have Low tolerance of pain so I am glad the healing process from birth have been rather painless. The Nurses are very friendly and they are supportive of breastfeeding of course. Love how they make husbands bathe the babies! Giving thumbs up for birth experience at Raffles Hospital.

My confinement went by smoothly, with my mum helping me out. I miss her cooking during pregnancy, so I have no complains on my confinement except I will never order confinement tingkat again. I prefer my mum's cooking. 

Did I lose weight after giving birth? Only lost half, 6 kg to go to reach pre pregnancy weight. Under my mum's care she doesn't allow me to eat normal portion; I have to eat giant meals. My mil also prepare soup for me, how to lose weight with all the good food? However my tummy was almost flat (just flabby) by the first week. I did not do any post-natal massage because no money. Breastfeeding helps me to burn off those extra fats. Matty is an aggressive drinker too. Still, I need to exercise soon to get rid of the flabby part left.

Breastfeeding - need to blog about this next time. Shed so much tears over it. Haha! Don't worry, my post natal blue is over.

Oh, I wasn't prepared to spent so much shopping online during confinement. Baby can nurse up to more than an hour hence the excessive usage of mobile phone to shop. In my Defence, I bought things I needed for nursing! Not for myself!

I think my baby is growing too fast. I don't mind rewinding back to the time I first heard his cry and having him in my arms for the first time. I haven't sleep for more than 4 hours since giving birth. Mostly one hour naps or less. However I enjoyed every moment with my boy.

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