Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project Proposal

 He proposed!

In the Singapore Zoo!

It was such a big surprise and I was thrilled to see my friends witnessing the day I say "yes", or rather I whispered "okay" through my tears.

2 months ago he searched for the ring and was trying to plan a proposal. Then a month again he collaborated with the girls to plan how to execute this in the Zoo. 

We both had a really busy, stressful week, staying up late almost every night. I was looking forward to our date in the Zoo for some fun time together.

Of course, things do not go as planned. Initially I was supposed to feed the giraffe and he would poke me with the stuff toy giraffe and asked me to feed him with love, then pull out the ring.
When the Zoo keeper announce only four trays left, my boyfriend decided to let the tourists behind go first, explaining that they will only be in Singapore once, but we can come back anytime again. So I eagerly agreed as the lions were roaring and I wanted to see what they were up too.

I rushed to the lions, not noticing I passed people I know and a group of friends frantically shuffling behind the bushes, trying to stay out of my sight.

He came to me and took out (the sweater first, it was placed inside incase I decided to open his bag) the stuff toy giraffe, and said "I'm sorry you did not feed the giraffe. Do you want to feed this one?" Then he took out a ring box.

I thought he was joking or being sarcastic and laughed. Then I saw my friend jumped out with flowers and the photo board and I screamed "You serious arh?!!!!"

So to my friends and his sisters, thank you so, so, so much for this sweet surprise.

Plan A failed, but Mission still accomplished!

And thank you to my dearest boyfriend, now officially my fiance. You planned this despite your busy work schedule and gave up a lot of your birthday treats so you can spend time and money on this proposal.  And most importantly, I know you took great effort not to leak any information out with such great planning. Thank you, dearest!

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