Monday, June 17, 2013

They all came at once...

And so, the wedding preparation just pops out suddenly.

Our new home is to be ready by this year, as much as I do not want a rushed wedding, I do not want the ROM to be far from the customary wedding too.

So girls, we all have dream weddings. My initial plan was...
1. to have a beautiful but simple ROM. Then officially married!
2. ROM and then dinner. Then officially married!

(When I said "officially married" you know what I really mean.)

So if you have less than a year to prepare, just let go of everything that you dream of and just enjoy the last lap of singlehood.

Enjoy. Hah. You have no idea how this sweet girlfriend who never quarrels with her boyfriend before suddenly turns into a monster. This is what happened when you cannot bear to let go of your initial plans and when nobody believes you need at least one year to plan a wedding properly within your budget.

Last weekend, I learned to let go of my simple but beautiful wedding plan and just go with the flow. Since no plan C so just keep adding more and more things...

Within a month, we spent a total of $10,000+++. It is so difficult to find a place to hold a lunch or dinner reception on the date we want, so my boyfriend just throw in the deposit even before discussing with me first.  So we paid deposit for the lunch reception, a photography package in Taiwan (food + accommodation), and another deposit for bridal package in Singapore. Why Taiwan? Because as I said, the initial plan was supposed to be simple, so I thought why not spend more on a trip to Taiwan. We found a really really good deal on their last day of Roadshow which we can tie-in with the Japan trip.

But apparently, my mum said local is compulsory so can rent gown. I was thinking just buy cheap cheap one online, but in the end buy package cheaper and more worth it. Then just get someone take pictures using digital camera. Haha! Fat hope.

So, we had to choose a local bridal shop in the end. Generally, I think the total we paid for is really worth it. Nowadays bridal shops for 4 gowns, 46 pictures can go up to $5K. With two separated packages for $6500, we will have two photo albums with about up to 9 gowns to wear >< I fork out this part of the money because the bridal shops tend to focus more on the brides.

We are also going on a pre-wedding honeymoon trip to Japan and Taiwan soon. I do not look forward that much because I know I will be dead tired even before the trip, not to mention AFTER the trip. With  that, we spent another few thousands. No wonder boyfriend said his account numbers red already.


While our fellow future neighbours are talking about looking for IDs, hacking down walls, the sizes of the rooms, and worrying about delays to get the keys, we are busy planning our "honeymoon" trip and wedding.

Now we have to worry financially if we can afford the house upon collection of the keys. Now just working hard, burning midnight oil to meet deadlines, make sure I don't screw up or take any leaves... Cannot lose my job now.

Juggling work and wedding is not simple, especially when PTC and school events are coming up. So gave up a bit of sleeping time, delegated the jobs... and I will do the fun part of choosing photoshoot locations and later int he year just go and choose some gowns. There are tons of other things to do but I will just hold it first. And since we are not an interior designers, we will just research for a trustworthy ID, engage one and let them do up the house.

Not putting any names of the wedding locations and companies we engaged yet, because we have not experienced the services so far. Once we are more confident of our choices will share here.

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