Monday, March 18, 2013

Rush Hour Wedding

17 March 2013, a celebration of my boss's wedding! 

And I am one of her bridesmaids! The crazy thing is this wedding was prepared in 3 weeks, thus came the title of the the wedding - Rush Hour Wedding

See my pretty principal and her really, really, really nice husband. We have been waiting a looooong time for her to get married. We are so afraid if they don't get married soon, Mr Nice will get snatched by other single ladies.

This groom has to fetch the bride at 5am (their calculated auspicious hour). The crazy bride woke us up at 3.45am. Barely had any sleep but we were so excited about the day!!!

So, our bridesmaids' duties is to make the groom and best men's lives a little difficult by being the gate keepers. The groom has to show how much he loves her by completing the tasks set by the bridesmaids.

Our morning Gate Crash has to be done in 30 minutes (due to the auspicious timings).
Since boss tells us not to do physical, humiliating and food tasks, we kept it simple by doing tongue twisters, ask them to get the room's key which was frozen in the ice, and put a mushy Chinese poem together word by word (their weakness is the Chinese language). Though simple and less humiliating, we had tons of fun and the photographers were also laughing at the best men's tongue twisters. Somehow someone opened the main gate and we had to run up four flights of stairs to lock them out of the house for another task. Phew!

And the four of the wonderful bridesmaids. We are all early childhood educators! That's why we can plan the morning gate crash within days, and stay hyper despite having no sleep.

Despite only 3 weeks to prepare, we managed to get everything done nicely within the auspicious hours, we even had some time to get MacDonald's breakfasts, and I even have a bit of time before the lunch reception to watch the Ellen Degeneres Show and text awhile in the bridal suite.

Amazingly, the wedding went well; everything went smoothly and we all had fun.

And to my principal and her super nice husband: Congratulations! Baby soon please!!!!!

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