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Boston Children Museum

This was a post from my previous blog... Posted on August 2009:

I was looking forward to see the BCM for many years since two lecturers told us about it. I thought (and still think) that it would be great if Singapore has a Children's Museum, a big playground for children to have fun and learn at the same time.

The big structure that greeted us was the "New Balance Climb". It is a three-storey climbing structure with curved platforms. I tried, I was panting after that. Tough for kids.. really tough for adults. But it shows how agile and flexible I still am.

The Japanese House is called Kyo no machiya. Believe it or not, it is a real Japanese House set up in the museum. Some parts are already over a century old. It was made out of mainly paper and wood. The city of Kyoto gave this house to Boston city to celebrate their relationship.
Since the tour was catered to young children, the tour guide was amazing in capturing children's attention and relating this history back to our modern world. The children were like going "Woah~ How did they do that! It is so different!"

A boy making music with street drums
Childrne buying and selling things at this mini grocery shop or mini mart in Singapore context.(There are shelves of food and other items, very realistic)

Block play! I love this section of the Children's museum. Adults used to think I would be an architecture when I grow up since I love construction toys. And now I am in the teaching field.

There are "Parent Tips" and "Try this at home" signs all over the museum. I regretted not taking pictures of all these signs but they are helpful to bring what children are learning in the museum back home.

Family Resource Room in the Playspace
(just for ages 0 - 3, we were stopped when we wanted to go in. Check out the sign at the back)

Some magazines and books for parents

and of course books for kids

The cosy and essential nursing room.

There is a pantry-like space to prepare milk and food.

So this is the water bed Lynn Heng and Rebecca talked about. The two kids were taking turns to jumped into the "water" And they looked as if they just learned how to walk and they are making friends with one another already.

Mirrors and platforms. Great place for infants and toddlers to crawl and roll around.

How much gas for your car?

An art & craft corner with weekly or daily changing themes

Kid Power has the various exercise and sports stuff that encourage young children and families to live a healthier lifestyle.

Even we adults are having fun with shadow play.

This is amazing. I wonder how it works. The blue torch light can cause temporarily green neon "markings" on the wall, like "light imprints". haha.

My favourite sand play. It is amazing that no overly curious kids took water and mixed with the sand or else it will be difficult to clear the mess. One of my favourite spots.
With a paint brush and a bucket of water, you can produce a masterpiece.

The therupeutic water play. I love water play and stayed here for about10minutes before I was willing to move on to the next room.

Who says city kids can't climb trees?
Using translucent coloured shapes to form designs on a light box can be beautiful

The classic Tic Tac Toe

Like a real scientist lab eh?

Arthur and Friends!!!
Arthur's kitchen

Weighing scale

Some recipes and other problems for little minds to solve

Preparing for take off... and introducing our young 3 year old pilot...

There is a space where you can experience what it is like being blind or handicap.

Bought a book here. We have 10 percent off because we are Wheelock Students! Heez... A shop that I never seen before.
There are many other things in the BCM but I did not take many photos. I saw many crying kids who refused to go home. This is how fun learning can be.

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