Friday, October 31, 2014

Let's ukulele!

Bought a concert ukulele last month. The first week was extremely painful for my poor three fingers. I chose a ukulele so I can bring to class for music lessons.

I am a slow learner. Managed to play a decent G now. Here are a few simple pop songs I picked to learn first:
The Show
When you're gone (aka cups)
Love story
What a Wonderful World is a wonderful website to learn. They organised songs by difficulty level and the tabs follow as you scroll down so I do not need to keep referring to the top on finger placement.

Kids song are a lot more difficult than pop song because they are short and fast. I am trying Santa Claus is coming to Town now.

I brought my ukulele to class and they were thrilled! I taught them how to strum and play C. Their poor fingers were in pain after the lesson. They tried to pull my ukulele apart, being curious about the strings and knobs and all.

Hopefully I can be good enough to play songs for my students one day.

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