Sunday, June 3, 2018

More than 2 years later...

It has been awhile since I post something on my blog.

2 years? 2 and a half years? I don't have the energy to use my brain much now.

I am a mumma to 2 gorgeous kids now. Just quit my job to be a sahm. I had a wonderful job with a awesome team but I know I am just going to pull everyone down if I get back to work.

Matty is really not an easy kid to raise. Now with Noelle in our lives I really need to focus on raising them well.

I will be doing small "home business", selling my crafts, handmade lip balls and wood butter (#matlicious). I used to sell even lower than cost price, so now I have to raise a few cents more just so I can buy a few treats to reward myself or the kids.
Or maybe help out with friend's business till I get my life on track again.

Now the decision I am stuck with is whether to let Matty continue attending child care or take him out since I am no longer working. His teachers are fantastic and he is eating very well, but it is weird I have a helper and yet I am not working. I don't know if I can cope being with him the whole day. Even with a helper we both want to pull our hairs taking care of the two kids.

Anyway back to now... I decided to get back to blogging so it kind of force myself to play with my kids more. 😅

Here is a super blur picture of my two active kids- Matty and Noey

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